Spark ⚡️ 🔊 40 add on ASAP features please.

  • Spark ⚡️ 🔊 40 Amp. If it can not now. I want it to be able soon with patch software update. And that is.

    Spark ⚡️ 🔊 40 Amp be able to do a 4 track looper with the software app on iPad or iPhone also be able to connect MeloAudio midi foot controller and allow it to work on spark. With the volume and wah to work also and able to stomp the switch to stop and start the looper record and the play back play via stomp switch.

    Also allow other iOS fx amp software to work on Spark ⚡️🔊 40 Amp. The more choice and power you upgrade the Spark amp positive grid the more your paying customers love it and use it and tell other people to buy it also. So yes happy client and positive grid relationships and many multiplied customer options The more the better. Power it up. Make you way more ahead of the competition and so many more new customers because we all on sell it even more so. 😎👍🏻

    I am super keen to recover my spark ⚡️ 🔊 40 amp soon and will love it if positive grid can ASAP add to the expansion of spark ⚡️ 🔊. 40. Your on a real winner here. I know it.

  • @gumtreeguy7
    Re: Midi controller for Spark
    This is the only missing feature I can see so far.
    I have an AirTurn pedal which can send midi through Bluetooth. I would be beneficial if we could change patches with midi while while jamming.

  • Allowing 3rd party effects software probably would be tricky. Currently the effects are sent and stored on the amp itself. If you want 3rd party the audio would have to go back to the device via bluetooth, be processed and then sent back to the amp again which would probably add a bunch of delay and who knows what other problems.

    It might be fun to allow recording though, but I think right now that is only via USB. I would like if the tuner would show up in the app with the note I am playing too. When I first got it I restrung my guitar and broke a string cause I had no idea which note I was tuning to and went up way too high.

  • @guitar_man
    Totally agree. Only main feature missing. Please add MIDI control!

  • nah.. the only thing missing is a screen and wifi on it, that's all.... and to be bold, dedicated miracast support... 😂
    Oh.. wait.. that's 2022 features...
    not long to wait...

  • Agree on some type of Blue Tooth control of amp selection and effect on/off. Don't care about looping but I can see how many people would. Would like to see some more choices on effects especially a real Spring Reverb and Fuzz Face. A Wah-Wah would be nice but that would depend on some kind of external MIDI or Blue Tooth controller and a compatible filter sweep. On the Jam feature, would like to see the ability to save the jam. Why be able to edit and do all the work to perfect it if it's going to disappear as soon as you exit Jam? Would also be nice to save and load the backup jam tracks as MIDI files. I'm sure I'll think of more the more I use it. Only received mine this morning.

  • @cshirer1 If using an external pedal for controlling the wah-wah might be an option, why not just use a wah-wah pedal between the guitar and the amp now?

  • @dhbailey said in Spark ⚡️ 🔊 40 add on ASAP features please.:

    @cshirer1 If using an external pedal for controlling the wah-wah might be an option, why not just use a wah-wah pedal between the guitar and the amp now?

    theoretically it should be the same as a pedal at the beginning of the chain
    but I have no way to try, maybe there is someone who has tried and can take away the doubt or, better, upload a video