Export amp from FX2 to BIAS AMP 2?

  • Using a desktop. Dowloaded a pedalboard from ToneCloud. Really like two of the amps. I've search and neither amp seems to appear on the BIAS AMP ToneCloud either. This person may have just built the amps on his desktop in BIAS AMP, imported them into FX and then saved the pedalboard to ToneCloud.

    I want to export these amps into BIAS AMP to see the Pre-amp/transformers etc used to build. Have not been able to do that? Is there a way? Is that a feature request?

    Likewise there is an IR attached. Is this IR useable with my other amps somehow?

  • @pjbirchenough this is a good question because on iPad biasFX I can select an amp and get a menu to edit in bias but on the desktop it is either a bit hidden or not implemented that way which seems crazy, funny part is I have an amp I built in Bias amp 2 that I exported and have in BiasFX 1 on iPad that I can send to edit in bias amp 2 iPad yet do not see a way to do the same thing with the same amp loaded in biasFX 2 desktop (of course I can open BA2 edit it and then it can go to BFX2) - examples:

    iPad showing the way back home...
    Now 2 shots of the same preset on the Desktop BiasFX 2 with no apparent path back to the mothership...
    1_1580404863129_003.png 0_1580404863129_002.png

  • @tafkad Thanks. That's about what I discovered as well. It's so weird that the ability to edit in BA from FX2 is available on the iPad version, but not the desktop.

    I hope the PG team will expand this capability to the far more expensive desktop version.

  • Hi,
    My thoughts to regarding the implementation from Bias FX2 to Bias Amp 2 desktop.
    It seems that the Bias Amp 2 is a bit redundant and only works with the stock amps included in the desktop app.
    I did send a ticket and was told that new Amps in Bias FX2 cannot be edited in Bias Amp 2 .
    Stand to be corrected.


  • If you have the iPad and the desktop version you could work around it by opening the preset on FX on the iPad and then sending the amp to Bias Amp 2 and then saving THAT amp to your tonecloud and reloading it on the desktop version.

    It is a lot work to get around it, so you would not want to do it all the time but if you were desperate to tweak one or two models, it is probably worthwhile.

    TBH, I don't miss this too much on the desktop version. I mostly use FX 2 directly and have a few amps I have created myself from scratch or via an amp match that I import from Amp 2 -> FX 2 ; honestly Bias Amp is not nearly as useful as FX in general for me.

  • It is weird, indeed. A year ago an user wanted to recover one of his self tweaked amps that he deleted. Solution was to upload the BFX patch where the amp was used, I downloaded it, opened in BFX iPad, loaded the amp in BAMP iPad and then I uploaded this as BAMP amp patch to Tonecloud back, so that he could download it: