Is there a difference between Desktop and iOS apps?

  • I just bought my first guitar and I love the idea of Bias FX. I have a PC and am currently running the demo version and it blows me away. I want to buy the Desktop version of FX and would love the AMP version as well.

    My issue is I can spend $300 on the desktop version or buy an iPad for $330 and get the FX & AMP combo for $20. Or I can get FX, AMP, JamUP, and Final Touch bundle for $35.

    I realize that the Desktop can be used in DAW's and right now that is not my thing. So what I am curious about is if the apps are just as fully functional as the desktop version.

    Also, should I wait for the announcement before paying for the desktop version?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

  • @kranky916 I have Bias FX standard for Mac and all positive grid products on my iPad and both sound absolutely great.

    I would wait to see what they have coming soon, just to see all options at this point.

    But I do love the portability of the iPad and iPhone versions.

  • Has anyone made a apple to apple tone-comparison yet? Maybe using measurements?

  • @sascha-ballweg Not that I know of, would like to see those results.

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    I've made some comparison between Bias Fx for iOS and Desktop. I didn't use any measurement but I can tell that there are subtle differences in tone

    Positive Grid states that desktop version should sound better due the effort the did coding the desktop version...I don't know...for some reason I prefer the iOS version than the desktop..I think it's matter of taste..they sound different but I can't really say the reason why one should be considered better than the other

    What I can say for sure is that the audio interface you use and levels you set have an huge impact on the sound you hear.. (needless to say how important are the monitors and speakers as well)..

    I've also noticed that even thi FX's like chorus, flanger etc on desktop behave differently compared to the iOS version with same settings..

    When I have some spare time I'll investigate deeper

  • Thank you everybody. I will wait until the announcement for sure before pulling the trigger. It took me a little bit to get it working on the PC but I do like the sound. I just love the idea of the iPad for portability. I am getting a new laptop at work next week so I could use that along with my PC at home.

    It really seems to me that PG almost wants you to go buy an iPad and only give them $20 for the app with the current pricing. I wish I would have had my guitar last month when it was on sale for $139 each.

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    I'll see if I can try and null an iOs vs Desktop. There's going to be some non nulling even if the DSP is identical because of the AD and DA conversion, but lets see how close it gets

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    alt text

    Methodology was poor for me doing this test:

    Desktop was a render
    iOS meant a digital to analog conversion coming out at line level into the iOS interface, then an analog to digital conversion coming back into the computer recording.

    I did not bother even level matching the two inputs

    All that said, I cannot reliably ABX the difference between the two, and even the extremely slight spectrogram differences are easily attributable to a level mismatch.

  • I was just comparing factory bass amps in Bias Amp 2 - iOS vs macOS.

    I'm running the bass into an iConnectAudio4+ which splits the signal off into each device. Both are monitored at the headphone out of the ICA4+. The signal paths are identical - there are no effects.

    iOS - AUM hosting Bias Amp 2 via IAA - sounds 'brighter' than macOS version
    macOS - Ableton Live 10 hosting Bias Amp VST - sounds 'darker' than iOS version

    These patches are identically programmed. I'm seriously wondering what makes the difference I'm hearing. FWIW, I prefer the iOS version -- it was also significantly cheaper than the desktop version. Thoughts?