How too play along with Music?

  • Hey All,

    so i am a new bias fx2 user, just got it about a week ago and i'm loving it, but the only thing i don't understand is, is it possible too listen/play background music while the app is open? i'm using the Asio4All Driver and my guitar is plugged into my pc using the Rocksmith USB Cable, and i'm using my Gaming Headphones as my Output does anybody have any tips on this or what i could do too play along with music when using it?


  • Hi.

    First off, buy an audio Interface. I'd recomment Behringer UMC22 here. It's an awesome entry level hardware and it won't cost you more than 40 euros.
    Second, download Cakewalk by BandLab from here. It's free and powerful.

    Set up your DAW (Cakewalk) to input-output to UMC22.
    Plug your guitar and headphones to UMC22.
    Add a track in Cakewalk, select your guitar as an input and apply bias FX as an effect.
    Add another track and input your backing track audio.

    Track 1 is my guitar with fx2, track 2 is my backing track.


    You can play-record or loop a section to learn hard parts. You can adjust volume levels, add other indtruments and a million other things.

    Hope that helped :)