Preview of blocked tones in Tone Cloud

  • Hello there!

    I own only Bias FX 2 Standard (for now) and I really like Tone Cloud feature but I'm not sure about one thing. I guess that I can't download blocked pedalboards because of pedals used in such are in for example Bias FX 2 Elite so, in order to download them, I need to upgrade my Bias, am I correct?

    But the key question is If when I'm using a preview of a tone that is blocked for download, does the sound coming from the preview is the sound I will have after upgrading my software to Elite and then download that particular tone, or it is using replaced pedals to match the tone given originally as best as it can?

  • I don't know per se as I'm new to it - but surely it is the original sound? I can't see that PG is going to put all that effort in to try match 'as best it can' depending on what software version one has.
    Someone please correct me if this is wrong