BIAS FX Desktop (1) Latency Delay Issue

  • When going from my guitar 1/4 inch jack through a Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface USB 2.0 (Windows 8.1 Surface Pro 3 Tablet) I'm receiving too much latency/lag delay to play. I've tried adjusting the sampling rate which helped but in the end cannot fix it. Is this a BIAS issue or something else? The Steinberg audio interface claims very low latency.

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    Are you using the ASIO drivers? What buffer setting there?

  • Yeah I have ASIO working with updated drivers. I haven't changed any settings in ASIO but I changed the buffer in BIAS to 496 samples (11.2 ms) and there's still latency issues (slight) but it's cracking and popping and makes my whole computer lag with no other software or browser running. Maybe my cpu and ram can't handle it?

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    The UR12 drivers are VERY good, really just behind the RME/MOTU drivers. You can get those down to 128 and likely to 64 samples (even with Bias, which is one of the more munchy). 496 samples is going to be noticeable

    Be sure you realize that there is a HUGE difference between advertised latency and actual round trip latency

  • Thanks again for the reply. In the end I couldn't get the latency issue to go away. I pulled out an old iRig into my iPad and and no issues. A little frustrated but now I can't record but at least I can play!