Anyone used bias fx with an Apogee Gio?

  • Hi all,

    I’m looking at ditching my pedal board and amp and using by using an Apogee Gio as it has a single input and output. I can get a second hand Gio around 100 bucks so I am willing to give a shot. All I need to do is switching on/off a few pedals in a preset and am wondering if anyone here has tried it before.


  • Hey,
    I've got the same problem with my GIO.
    I've found a reference for that, but I didn't find the solution for it.

    Toggle: If the parameter’s current value is 0, it is set to the incoming value (Multiply is ignored). All other values set the parameter value to 0 (i.e., if the parameter value is non-zero, any MIDI CC value, including 0 will set it to zero). This option is useful for buttons that toggle a value, such as Mute or Solo.

    For GiO, the switches are press 127 and release 0, two MIDI messages
    The max and min are set to 127 so only the press has any impact on the parameter
    Parameter is 0 and MIDI value is 127, parameter is set to 127 or on
    Parameter is 128 and MIDI value is 127, parameter is toggled to 0 or off