Spark questions

  • I am looking to have some questions answered about the New Spark amp before I can decide to make a purchase. I hope that this is the appropriate place to ask these questions.

    1. Does the Spark amp use cabinet IR? Can I add customized IRs?
    2. Are the speakers in the Spark FRFR? Will the speakers accurately reproduce the sound that is outputted through the USB or headphone outputs?

    Thanks for any additional information regarding the above questions.


  • The demo posted by Tom Quayle ( ) demonstrates headphone line out and separately microphones/speakers.

    1. According to the FAQ Spark App is the ONLY access to the amp. With no support for BIAS/FX I wouldn't hold my breath for custom IRs.

    2.Specs state 20Hz to 20KHz but given it's "just" 2 x 4" speakers in a ported cabinet one might doubt its really going up/down to these extremes, leave alone "flat response" (my 6" studio monitors do not reach beyond 40Hz). Then again, considering guitar "full range" is basically limited 80Hz-14KHz we should be fine. How efficient it is on bass and playback tracks will be seen.