BIAS FX2 please fix it topic

  • Guys... Now, really, u sound good, but what is that @all the time I have to OPEN EVERY instance of a plugin i have in the session to get it sound the way I saved it?!... Is that a kind of your strange auth validation process issue or what?.. Ok - even after I open EVERY instance of a bias fx2 I have - i'm not guaranteed at all, that I'll have my preset sound recalled - Cubase 10/10.5, Win10 - one channel DOES sound as it sould, another - not! Why? And! I can not fix it by recalling (thanks to me clever) a custom preset - no! I have to completely unload your plugin and COPY it from another track, which sound appropriate. Ok - we go further. I play. record. I'm glad, i'm funky and OOPS! - all instances start playing an unprocessed sound. Only complete restart and reopen/copy between tracks/open again/ and all that mess described above help / partly help. 2. What's wrong with an interdace, when i'm using 175%? It opens at the desired size, but plugin interface is truncated - EVERYWHERE - OSx , Win - no mater. So instead of sending everendless emails with "deals" - fix u'r staff please - we've payed for it!