Bias FX 2 Sustaining

  • Hey! so I have an annoying problem regarding bias fx 2 and also other amp simulators. the problem is when I'm using bias fx, the sound I get is sustained, what I mean is every note I play, my guitar seems to pickup other sounds at the same time and it's ugly! also when I'm not even playing, my guitar just picks up random sounds just from touching the strings and they're all over the place. I don't have this problem when I'm on clean tone. any suggestions?

  • You should use a noise gate as the very first effect in the chain. I prefer the Merrow gate that is found in the metal pack and set the threshold to max and decay to minimum but I play mostly metal. I would start with any gate set it to mute, set decay at minimum and slowly turn up the threshold to your desired liking.

  • @sdzimmerman thanks for the response. where should I add the Merrow gate? before every other pedal or somewhere in between

  • As the very first effect in the chain before the amp.