Got some questions regarding to Mobile apps

  • Will it be a good idea to grab some Bias apps as a practice amp?
    Sorry that I can't try it by myself due to I have only Audient ID4 as my interface.
    Since cost is my concern. It's additionally required Apple Camera USB adapter & USB Power hub to run Bias app via my iPhone7 Plus or iPad.

    1. Will it be able to run a music and Bias app at the same time?
    2. Is Bias FX/Amp 2 mobile a universal app for both iPhone & iPad? Do I need to separately purchase them?
    3. Any issues I should know before purchase?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I use an iPad Air 2 to practice, study and compose since years, using Bias FX or Bias Amp, running simultaneously other music apps, for example iReal, Anytune, Cubasis or Audioshare (the last is very good to manage backing tracks or songs, but you can run YouTube, Spotify, Soundlcloud or what you want, too). All this runs very well. I use an iRig Pro Duo interface.

    2. These are separated apps for iPad and iPhone.

    3. Here runs all flawlessly.

  • @korkenknopfus Thank you so much !! I will try them out soon. :)