Spark AMP with APP Is "light" or full version included?

  • PrePurchase question

    Is included version of spark app added to Spark amp preorder:
    a) "insert coin" version? so after purchase I will be punched by a popups "what you miss if you don't pay us more"
    b) fully featured version.?

  • Moderator

    The current Spark Education app on App Store is not the one that works with the Spark Amp. We will release a new Speak Editor app soon on both App Store and Google Play, all the features are free for Spark Amp user as advertised.

    Here're the OS requirements for the Spark Editor App:

    Apple App Store:

    Supported iOS version

    iOS 11.3 - 13.2

    Google play

    Supported Android OS version

    Android 8.1 - 9.0