Synchronisation between iOS app and desktop app via Tone Cloud

  • Hi, I have created 3 presets on my iPad app and upload them to Tone Cloud to download them later to my desktop app.
    Then I opened the desktop app (and opened Tone Cloud on as well), but I cannot see the presets in my Tone Cloud account. They are still visible only on iPad app. Any idea what's wrong? Shouldn't be they available on Tone Cloud on all my devices? How can I get my iPad presets to my desktop or vice versa?

    I tried to do it also via Dropbox (backup tool) but it seems to be not working.
    Thanks for any advise.

    Thank you.

  • To me, this is one of the most aggravating things about Bias and I only learned it after buying: FX2 desktop presets cannot be used with iOS FX and vice versa. Apparently they used to be compatible back when the desktop app was FX1, but no longer. They really need to change this, because it was something that left me feeling a bit scammed after buying.

    FWIW, Bias Amp 2 presets work cross-platform. Just not FX.

  • I have something weird, too:

    -I created two patches with Bias FX in iPad and uploaded them to the Tonecloud

    -Both are similar: patch 2 is a modification of patch 1. Patch 2 uses an Amp that has Celestion cabinets (from Bias Amp 2 in iPad).

    -If I log in to Tonecloud from Bias FX Desktop I can see boh patches. If I log in from Bias FX2 Desktop I can see only patch 1. The other one (with Celestion) is impossible to find.

    It is weird that I can see the patch with Celestion from Bias FX and not from Bias FX2, which is the version that supports this cabinets.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @jb Thanks for confirmation. It is a sad story, PG also confirmed this.