Wheres the metronome?

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    I can't express how impressed I am with this application, however with the amp, cab and guitar matching.. there's no stand alone metronome?

    Please consider updating the Looper to include a metronome without recording and that will allow us to import drum tracks and previously recorded loops.
    along with a simple track editor that has layers, cut, copy, slice paste.

    With everything this app offers at the Platinum level it needs the obvious.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays..

  • I too would like to see a metronome

  • @virtual-media Just got biasfx 2 . wow i cannot believe what you said is true. WTF lol seems like such an odd thing to leave out of this otherwise fantastic software.
    I wonder why they chose this oddball route to embark upon XDXD

  • Yeah, it's really sad that they put in a metronome but only over the top of the first loop. It would have taken them just a few more minutes to make the metronome so much more useful. For me, it means that I'm immediately looking away from Positive Grid for looping and metronome options when playing via my computer.

  • Its the blinking light next to your presets. Tap to modify the speed. There is no audible one.
    What they really need besides a metronome is a graphic tuner because these days nobody tunes in standard. If you dont know tones, then your going to be lost with just red and green lights.

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