Tone Cloud Problems?

  • Hello All,

    Just have a quick question I was on ToneCloud looking for a Zakk Wydle pedalboard and found one that I liked, only one, so I downloaded it and then went to use it, maybe change a couple of parameters, but, it wouldn't load up? The preset bank had a red dot next to the name and the preset had new written after it but when I clicked on it nothing? I could load up presets I had created but with this nothing. So I downloaded another Zakk Wylde pedalboard from another author and also the same thing it wouldn't load.

    So could someone tell me what I am doing wrong here as I would really like to know how to rectify this?

    Thankyou and Regards.

    PS - I just deleted the preset and tried downloading again and now I am getting unknown error occurred - and it happening with every single pedalboard that I try to download and not just with Zakk Wylde !?!

  • A reply would be greatly appreciated as I would like to use Tone Cloud!

    Can anyone tell me why I cannot download anything from the Tone Cloud???

  • Hi, Just wondering if you found a solution to the problem as I have a recently encountered a similar problem to this after upgrading to Bias FX 2 elite.

    When I try saving a new preset or downloading one from Tonecloud it only recognizes 1 folder to save to.
    "Pop", "Blues", "Rock", etc folders are not available to select to save to.