Buzz from interface.

  • I don't know if anyone else has this but when I sit at my desk in front of my phone and interface I can here a hiss as I turn the levels up on the input channel for the guitar. If I kinda move away from it it gets softer or if I turn just right it gets lower. Any idea what it could be?

    I'm using a Behringer uphoria 204hd

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    Guitars are noise magnets. I've done videos on shielding them and spent a career trying to make them less susceptible to nonsense, but if you are anywhere near a device that is generating electromagnetic fields, its an issue. Hold a cellphone next to your pickups and see what you get :(

  • so if i use a long lead and stand farther away from the phone...which is the will maybe be better? lol. Time to try out my shielding skills. will those ground loop isolation boxes work?

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    @brian-dress The ground isolation boxes should NOT help if its an electric field problem, but they can sure be handy to have around for 1.456 quadrillion other problems.

    Here's a cheap way to shield some of the problem areas: