Bias FX 2, iPad OS - editing amps in Bias Amp 2 - how to import amps?

  • Hi there. I purchased the Essentials pack for Bias FX 2 and Bias Pedal. Bias FX 2 allows me to send amps to Bias Amp 2 to edit them, but I can't find out how to re-import the edited amplifier to Bias FX 2 again? Am I right in thinking that I should be able to import any of the amps from Bias Amp 2 into Bias FX 2, because I couldn't find a way to export the Dumble amplifier I had been editing in Bias Amp 2?
    Also, I found out how to import a distortion model from Bias Pedal into Bias FX 2, but how can I import several, and where are they stored within the infrastructure of the app? Thanks for your support.