Output BIAS FX into real guitar cabinet

  • Hello everyone,

    I've a 2x12 Jensen loudspeakers cabinet.
    I'd like to create a preset with BIAS FX and listening to the cabinet, so I've thought of creating it without a cabinet simulator.

    But then what kind of amp should I put between the output of my soundcard and my cabinet? An hifi amp?


  • @alecar I run a hifi amp (actually 3, tri-amped) into a high quality set of cabs (bergantino bass cabs for bottom, JBL and EV 12's for low mids and JBL 4612's (the cabaret 2 x 8' & baby cheek compression driver ones) for upper mids and highs. Since a guitar cab is not really a high fidelity transducer you will probably not get the full audio "value" you would from monitor quality speakers. That said, it depends on your use; I would not master a recording through a 2 x 12 guitar cab, but if you are just looking for what sounds best to you then there are no rules.
    Short version answer is that I would run something like an old soundcraftsman hifi amp (ludictrous cheap on fleabay for what you get and very forgiving of what you "feed" it) into the cab if you are going to run a 2 x 12". Just do not expect the models to match reality as your speakers are not "high fidelity" but very guitar voice centric and meant to have musical "tone" characteristics of their own and not neutral reproducers of what they are fed.

  • thanks scott.
    I'd like to see what the sound of my cab is with different amps/effects, that's why I said of removing the cabinet simulator from my BIAS FX preset.