Ins and outs?

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    I am really interested in this amp, I think it's a great idea. I've looked over the page but can't see if there is a DI out, a powered out, (would be killer if it could reroute the power to a 1x12 fullrange cab for medium volume rehearsals) and/or any kind of remote control (either hard wired foot switch or a bluetooth option) and if it were possible to alter it once received to swap out the 1/4" input with a multi XLR-1/4" jack to accommodate a line from a DI box or a mic. I could see this being a great practice amp and super portable option for an acoustic guitar & mic. Also, any chance there is a mounting hole for a tripod micstand on the bottom?

  • I’m looking at the price and I just can’t see any additional io other than what they have featured on the preview site...would love it to have all that you’ve mentioned though.

    What I’m wondering is what the amp sounds will be like...they talk about the tone engine but I’m interested to see how we will be able to build tones...

  • I also wa all set to purchase this spark tillI realized there were no outs. I just have a feeling that I won't really be satisfied with the sound from 2 little 4 inch speakers. That was the deal breaker for me. I guess I'll have to wait until they come out with the next model that has outputs to connect to other cabs.
    As it is right now it is a one trick pony.

  • There’s nothing to say you couldn’t get a1/8 to stereo 1/4 lead and take the line out from the headphone jack...not ideal but should be a workable solution

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    If it cuts the main outs to the speaker though its still a deal breaker for 99.999% I would assume

    That alone MURDERED the Line 6 Amplifi. That was their chance to make a Ferarri and they put out an Edsel