Sale Prices ?

  • PG has a sale on Bias FX2 and others. BIAS FX 2 Std is $79. Though I don't see a price for current BIAS FX 1 Std owners.
    Is there am upgrade price (from 1 to 2) and a full price for new users, or do BIAS FX 1 owners pay the same price as new users ?

  • @musical-alchemy Depending on what you paid for BFX 1, upgraders are actually getting drilled on upgrading compared to new buyers. If you paid $199 for BFX 1 Pro and want to upgrade to BFX 2 Elite, that's another $99, a total of $298. But right now (11/4/19) new buyers can get Elite for $149. How is that fair to veteran customers?

  • Noob here. Go easy. I had bought the Platinum Package at Christmas last year. That has FX Elite. Still haven't installed it because of life stuff. Anyway, I saw the new FX2 Elite and my question is how do these damned upgrades work? I saw the sale and FX2 Elite is a nicer interface and more features so I'd like to upgrade so when I install I have everything up to date.

    So, if I register my product do you get any free updates with a purchase?

    If not is there a purchase price for already owning the product?

    Is that rectified by registering my product and seeing what is available for purchase that would include any said discount?

    Or do I just buy the FX2 Elite that is on sale right now?

    I have to admit this is all a bit confusing.