Ipad compatibility for Bias FX 2?

  • Hi guys, I've been looking to set up a portable rig. I have been looking into getting an older ipad. The whole ipad thing is new to me and am wondering what would work. I have been looking at an ipad air 2.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



  • @richie-black I'd suggest the now old 2nd gen iPad Pro 10" as a used model that should last into the future long enough at a good price point for the patient buyer (unless you see a better deal while you look)

    I still use my 30-pin 3rd gen with it's own cheap sound-card as a spare amp - note I used to be able to "enable" it as a soundcard when plugged into my mac ... now it only works that way with my newer one

    something that can withstand the hardware and software planned obsolescence facts with enough power to handle your goals and maybe more for as long as possible

  • If you're only running Bias Fx/Amp the Air 2 could be sufficient but things get exciting when you start playing with IAA and Hosts and 3rd-party FX....rabbit hole...

    For that reason I picked up that model 2nd hand (iPad Pro 10.5") about 6 months ago. It's fine in terms of CPU for slightly more complex audio applications (a big improvement on the Mini 4 I had) but the particular model has many reported instances of temporary touch screen freeze. Quite a pain when using it as you have to tap the home key or flip the screen orientation to have it respond again. I've read many reports of the same issue and there doesn't seem to be a fix.

    From all the recommendations I've read I'd suggest having a look at 2nd generation iPad Pro 12.9" -- if you can find one.

  • Honestly, the newest base iPad model that just released this year is so fast and so cheap now, I would absolutely consider upgrading right now if were using the base model and was concerned about the future. I already have a new Pro model so it is a no-op but the new ones are a killer deal.