• Hello all, just wanted to ask what speakers are generally recommended for Bias FX 2? Is there something special I should be looking for, or will any standard 3.5 jack speakers work?

  • @brandon-esbach
    It all depends what you mean by speakers ? Studio Monitors, live monitors, in ears, headphones ?

    Generally any decent headphone for silent recording will do, there are numerous options within the software to get the desired tone you want.

    When you are talking live or studio monitors, then you would want to use HPF or LPF depending on the speakers to get accurate reproduction, but again, if you are using headphone, you probably have some sort of calibration already, since it is all HI FI, you will get real fuzzy tones if not dialed in properly.

    Bias AMP and Bias FX is no different than any other piece of software out there, many brands offer certain features for live and studio work switching capabilities that you would need to work with.

    If I plug any of my rack units into a full range speaker, I have to adjust the filters, because in reality, guitar speakers and bass speakers to not offer the full range as a PA speaker would, and for good reason.

    Many get lost in these areas, but if you look up a real guitar cab with a particular speaker in it, you will find the speaker model, which shows the wattage rating, the the frequency range, and you will notice that 75 - 5k is the norm, and depending on the speaker, you get certain characteristics. But that would be your starting point.

    Anyway, not sure if i answered your question...lol