My sound in Bias fx2 is muffled and dull

  • Hi all. Im new to Bias FX2. I have it up and running, all working however all sound is muffled and dull. At this stage i am only using for playback (Not recording). I have experimented with amp settings, cab choices, microphone positions on the cab's etc. My rigs are Fender Deluxe Strat & Tele and a Brian May Special into a Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd Gen into my laptop (I7 processor Windows 10) and into quality headphones from the focusrite. Any suggestions welcomed :)

  • @garystewart62 are you sure you have configured correctly the audio interface? the ins and outs... if your in is mono (guitar jack) use MONO in the Input setting (puts both ins to the guitar input channel)... be sure too that the input level is enough (first in the interface and then in BIAS) and compensate it otherwise with input level slider and/or the level of first pedals before the amp....

  • 0_1564726065908_1751955f-16a4-40dd-85b6-c2ba7f68f552-image.png

    Thanks zappabain, settings attached. Hope this is ok :)

  • @garystewart62 Why are you using input 2? 256 Buffers is way high... is your computer really slow? I always run at least 48KHz sample rate and 64 buffers. I'd consider 128 the bare minimum and as noted you could play with the sample rate, although it should be fine at 44.1

    How do the levels look on the meters on the input check?
    How does the output check sound when you click it?
    Does your interface have an input pad? Where's it set?
    Does the input have am Inst/line switch? Where is it set?
    Does it have a level knob/pot? Where's it set?

    What kind of cable are you using and into what input on the interface? Standard guitar into a XLR/TRS/TS combo jack? Or some other input on the box?

    This is obviously a Focusrite interface. Which model?