Are PG models in Bias actually distinct?

  • Hard to find wording to describe the question, so let me use an example:

    If I take the JTM45 model, for example, and then change the deep editing parameters to match exactly the JC120 model, will it sound exactly like the JC120 model? Or is there coding that exists below the deep editing parameters which is distinct to an actual model they made of a specific amp?

    In other words, do the deep editing parameters "sit" on top of a basic model that was made of a specific amp, or is each module of the deep editing parameters itself a model, and then when you string 'em together, you get an amp sound that is the product of the module settings combined?

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    Good question, I'd like to understand it better as well

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    @charleswlivingston If you choose a JTM45 preset and modify it to a JC120, then it will sound like JC120 preset

  • @mike thanks. I had some inconsistencies in my presets that I couldn't figure out, and I wondered if maybe there was more to a Bias tone than just the editing parameters.