Final Touch iOS, stereo imager crackling

  • I'm new to Final Touch having just worked with it yesterday for the first time. I have found that when working with a song that if I activate the Stereo Imager the sound produced has a crackling noise in it. This occurs no matter what settings I have and I've only been able to eliminate it by disabling stereo imaging. Furthermore, it also happens with reverb and dynamics as well but it doesn't seem to occur with pre or post eq nor with the maximizer. I have tried a number of different things:using pre-eq trying to identify and reduce the level of the band that is triggering the noise. Reducing the overal input volume and/or reducing the output volume. If I have only reverb or only stereo imaging active and reduce the input volume way down, the crackling will still be heard, there is no evidence in this case that it is due to exceeding any signal limits.
    Any advice for eliminating the noise is appreciated, I can't seem to figure it out.

    I'm using Final Touch on an iPad Air with iOS 12.3.1

  • By the way, this becomes particularly prominent the more the Mono filter the Stereo Imager is increased in frequency. When set to 1.0Hz the crackling is more subtle but really becomes prominent as I increase it. It seems to occur more during certain sections of my songs, they aren't necessarily noisy sections.

  • I have determined that this does not affect the exported product. It only occurs during playback while setting up the processors. The crackling is not present in the exported files.

  • More info: furthermore this only seems to affect the preview playback when using headphones plugged into a lightning to stereo adapter. This ipad has a headphone jack and I'm not hearing the crackling when my headphones are plugged into the headphones port. I compose my songs on an iPhone 7 with no headphone jack so I have to use an adapter. Didn't think that it would make any difference which connection I used on the iPad Air; didn't really even think to switch connection methods.