BIAS Amp 2 no volume to iRig Micro Amp

  • Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me how to get volume out of the app to the amp? In Bias FX, I can get sound if I turn off the "stereo mode," but in Bias Amp 2 there is not setting option for that. I max everything on the ipad and you can just barely hear anything if you max the amp. There has to be some setting I'm missing somewhere. For amplitube, it's turning off the "no auto feedback" option and the "no stereo" option in Bias FX. There has to be some setting in Bias Amp 2 that will fix it. Please let me know if you do. BTW, if Bias FX is running, it works fine, but as soon as I bring Bias Amp 2 into Bias FX, Bias FX starts doing the same thing.