Guitat Choice! Does it matter?

  • hi there, newbie here. Im looking at purchasing Bias Amp or Bias FX. However first Im looking at buying a guitar. I like the look of the ESP Eclipse. Some of them come with EMG or Seymour Duncan pickups. Now Im really wondering does guitat choice/pickup really matter if the Bias AMP can change the sound as you wish?
    Confused about this? Does it matter if I get an ESP with EMG or Duncan pickups?

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    @ashleynaidoo I think it does matter since it's the sound source, and different pickups have different characters

  • As @Mike mentioned, the guitar/pickups are the source sound. Bias AMP can help shape that sound but it can't add what isn't there. Even with the new Guitar Match in Bias FX 2, I still think having different guitars would really change the sound.