XDrummer thoughts

  • Here are some thoughts on the creative process on working with Xdrummer. I had a short Song which was completely arranged guitarwise with a simple guide drumgroove. After trying out several Xdrummer patterns it really came alive. It was much more fun playing to. Its very easy to use and gives a whole new input on riffs, phrasing, accents and so on. Almost like playing with a real Drummer. The only thing i have to struggle is to change the Loop length. Drives me mad 😬 Didn't figure it out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dosen't. Beside this, it's a great tool to work with that inspires.
    See Video below ( more to come )

    BiasFX rig is available in the Tonecloud. Search for Chk Mendozza FalloutBrett

    Cheers Chick


  • Very impressive video. Are those P90s in the G&L? Also, have you uploaded the BIAS FX tone to Tonecloud? I wouldn't mind checking it out for myself.

  • Hi, it' s a P90 in the neck position. The bridge pickup is a G&L Humbucker which you can split. I will upload my Rig to the Tonecloud in a bit. Thanx

  • @trickchick Awesome, glad to hear that it's been inspiring you play and come up with new ideas. We've been getting some feedback on the loop function. We'll be taking a look at improving it in a later update. For now I'd suggest to zoom in on the Song Editor to set the loop length so the ends align much easier. Awesome stuff, please do share with us if you decide to make more videos : )