• Hi,

    I use to record my guitar track as is without using any plugins into Cubasis 2.
    Then, once recorded, I use the IAA Bias Amp2 as insert effect.
    Bias Amp2 launch successfully.
    Then after few minutes or sometimes seconds, the app crash causing a deafening noise.
    So, I have to remove Bias Amp2 from insert effect, and launch it again..and this all the time if I wish to use this app...

    Of course I use Bias Amp2 on one track only as using IAA we can not use it on several tracks..
    I try to find similar issues into Cubasis forum first, I found some close issues, but Steinberg Admins used to redirect the problem to positive grid..

    And this after have filled 2 times the positive grid support form 2 tickets had been issued (92298 and 92362), So, I received the automatic replies from positivegride 2 times, and NO FOLLOW UP..:
    " We know we haven't replied to our request (92362) since you sent it over 12 hours ago. We're going to escalate this ticket and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

    That's why I allow myself to ask directly here....After sign up and register...

    To resume, how to do to use Bias amp 2 into Cubasis in an optimal way...?
    Do you plan to provide an Audio Unit version of the app...?

    If I use Bias Amp2 and Cubasis2 connected through Audiobus, will it better more stable.....?