About Bias FX2 update 2019-06-17

  • There was a new update yesterday (Version:, but update history and whats updated are not listed on the download page. Wonder if some could enlighten me?

  • A2

    Ooh! Good catch, cant wait to get to work today and try it!

  • A2

    Ack! Its doing the four million years to install thing again :(

  • yeah... I just don't understand what takes so long with the installs... I would think a few well placed registry keys with existing install locations and information would speed the whole process up. But then again, I could just be playing armchair programmer....

    Patches switch quickly, the tap temp works, over all, I think they are close to being in the "what cool feature could we add?" stage rather than being in the "crap... what bugs did we just introduce...?".

    Is it possible to midi tap the looper tempo? should that mirror the master tempo?