Celestion Pack

  • I am owner of a Bias Processor and two Bias 600W Powerheads. I purchased Bias Amp Elite, the Celestion Pack, Bias FX Pro... Do i really have to pay again for the Celestion Pack for Bias Amp Mobile to download my Ampmatch Preset with my Tablet or I Phone? This must be a Joke?

  • I feel your frustration. I was in the same boat and ended up forking over the cash anyway. But the most annoying part of all: you can't load presets you made in Bias FX 2 (desktop version) in the mobile version of Bias. They are incompatible. That was the whole reason I bought the mobile version and finding out they can't share presets was really irritating.

    Presets shared from Bias Amp 2 desktop to Bias Amp 2 mobile do work, however. Just not FX 2 to FX Mobile.