Why is Celestion packs locked when Bias FX2 start up, every time?

  • I have Elite version. Every time i start the program, the celestion pack, both are locked. I have to log out then log in to tone cloud, to unlock the packs.

    I close the software, then start up again, same case. I need to log out of tone cloud and then log in again to get accesses to my Celestion packs, both of them.

    I'm the only one experience this?

  • Bump, Any have the same issue?

  • @powershot-s you are correct there is an issue - offline opening BFX2E vs. BA2E = BFX2E opens with locked Celestion cabs and BA2E opens with them unlocked (with no internet connection) / [with internet connection] both open with cabs unlocked.
    So BFX2E is requiring the "ET Phone Home" connection after it should no longer need to (because offline check shows BFX2E app info as "Elite" license without phoning home).

    I'm sure it will get sorted soon along with everything else - cheers

  • Thank for that answers. Then it's clear. I do not need trying to fix this matter anymore, just wait and play some instead.

  • My version of bias fx2 elite won't unlock the celestial packs even when I'm logged into tone loud, I'm at my wits end can anyone help me? I assumed by buying the elite version you received all the speakers, pedals..etc...please help..tried uninstalling, redownloading....even bought it again for $299 and still there are locked celestial cab and certain pedals???

  • If your already logged in. You should log out again, and then log in, in the same app session. Then you should be able to grab the celestions. You need to do the same thing again when you again start up the app fresh.

    I was getting a mail from Positive Grid, they confirmed that the log in, log out log in thing is a bug that will be updated at next update.

  • @powershot-s Just say, working good now after the update :)