[Question] BIAS AMP 2 - Custom IR file won't import?

  • When trying to import an IR file (.wav) into BIAS AMP 2 it gives me the error "Invalid IR file name: The name must be within only 20 characters." However I have seen people on YouTube download and import these same files with ease. I have also tried changing the name of the file and it didn't solve it, it's also not 20 characters long to begin with... Any ideas?

  • A2

    try renaming it to something super simple, maybe it doesnt like something else about it. Error messages are usually just whatever the coder thought of at the time and often don't really describe the issue

    Kind of like when you are waiting for music gear and have techs hired to put the stuff in and you get the message from the post office "business was closed, no answer" which really means "we were too lazy to go to that street and see if there were people at the business, so we wen't to the doughnut shop instead"