Upcoming FX 2 MIDI update - Will the Wah pedal auto-engage?

  • Question for the engineers at Positive Grid (or anyone who knows the answer)... One big issue I had with Bias FX's MIDI is that I could not turn off the Wah pedal with my Behringer Fcb1010 foot controller since the pedal doesn't have an on/off switch.

    With the upcoming MIDI update for Bias FX 2, will it be possible to turn off the pedal by setting min and max values, like Amplitube does? That is, for example, to have the wah turn off at heel down position (0%) and engage at 1% (or any other value we choose).

    Other than that, Bias FX 2 is excellent. It's been working amazingly well on my Mac with El Capitain OS. The FX 2 VST loads 50% faster in Reaper than the FX 1 VST!

  • A2

    Damn well better :) It was probably the loudest request!

  • Thats why I'll back to using amplitube