BIAS FX 2 serious Cubase problem

  • I'm running Cubase Artist 10.0.15. System specs: i7 8700K. 32gb RAM. All SSD drives. Windows 10 Pro.
    Presonus FireStudio interface. System is used strictly for studio. Have 15+ years of DAW and studio experience.

    Problem: BIAS FX 2 runs fine in "stand alone". When loaded as insert on audio track in Cubase: BIAS interface
    opens fine. With the track enabled (along with various other VST instruments etc.) the resource meter in Cubase
    hovers around 10 - 15%. BUT: When I engage the monitor button on the BIAS track, my resource monitor shoots up to around 90% and stays there making BIAS impossible to use.

    Note: I also have Amplitube 4.0 MAX, S-Gear and Guitar Rack Pro 5. Non of these apps exhibit this behavior.

    Any ideas ? I really like BIAS FX 2, but at this point, I feel like I've wasted $ 199.00


  • @rglivingston I have found that the real-time CPU use in Reaper is also high... but I have successfully run 8 instances of BFX2 without a significant penalty. (core I5 8600k, 16gb ram...)... so I don't worry about it right now.

    I would say that you have not at all wasted your hard earned money. I have had nothing but good luck with the responses from PG to bugs in BFX1. I suggest opening a ticket and giving them the low down on your issue.

    BFX2 is still undergoing feature "tweaking", so resource use should come under control in a future release.


  • @paul-jones32

    Thanks Paul for the response. I will take your advice and open a support ticket.

  • So... I did submit a support ticket. Got a response email asking a few questions about my
    set up etc.

    I responded with answers to their questions. That was last Wednesday & I haven't heard back from them.

    Had some time to test BFX2 a little further with Cubase. I found that the biggest drain
    on CPU resources, is the cab sim. When I turn off the cab sim on the general settings tab, my
    resource meter dropped back down to around 15%.

    So, I downloaded a free IR loader and some Celestion IRs. Used BFX2 with the third party cab sim.
    This seemed to be a workable solution. BUT: After 20 minutes of playing (didn't add any additional effects) my CPU
    resources started slowly "creeping" up until it was back around 90%

    I have quite a few VSTIs and amp sims etc. My system is absolutely stable with everything else I'm using.

    Does PG offer refunds ?

  • @rglivingston Did you solve your problem. I'm experience the exact same as you are describing?