Bias FX 2 single path results in mono output

  • What am I missing here? It doesn't make sense to have a single path result in single speaker output. The only solution I've found is to go in and set my audio settings to mono which isn't reasonable. Bias FX 1 output single channels to both speakers, so I'm not sure what changed here.

    I really don't want to have to go into my audio settings to flip between mono and stereo while flipping through presets.

  • Update: I don't think it's actually outputting to just one speaker, it's just for some reason the volume on the right channel is super low. see the output bars here:


  • Alright, apparently Bias FX2 defaults to stereo input; so this one's on me. Weird though.

    Leaving the post here for anyone else who might encounter this issue.

  • @charles-randall
    How did you eventually get it to record in Mono from one input..? Is it in the settings menu? I would like to not have to record Stereo tracks if I don’t need them. But, I would want a “mono” track to still have any effects on it...