Using Bias FX presets in FX 2

  • I was surprised to find that none of my custom presets were found by Bias FX 2. That's fine, I thought, I probably just need to import them. But there is no import option. I found my presets in "[user]/Documents/BIAS_FX/Presets", in various bank folders, as "[preset name].preset" files.

    I then found the "User/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIAS_FX2" folder, but even after creating a new bank and custom preset, there is no "Preset" folder. I copied the folder into the FX2 directory but it was still ignored.

    I need a way to use the presets that I have worked on for months in Bias FX in the new version of the software I just bought. How can I add those presets to Bias FX2?

    edit: After uploading a preset to tonecloud from FX 1, it doesn't appear in a search in FX 2. The account section inside tonecloud in FX 2 says I haven't uploaded anything. All of the presets I've downloaded in the past on FX 1 still appear in search results and are loadable in FX 2 as normal.

  • A2

    Theyre saying they are going to try and add a preset migration thing soon

  • This POS app just deleted all my banks and customized amps. This happend before. Its actually intolerable for musicians. WTF is this