BIAS FX 2 Pre-Order?

  • I purchased all of BIAS Desktop product.
    (Bias Studio + Celestion Pack)
    But there isn't any options of pre-order for my case.
    How can I do?

  • I assume you would be eligible for the 2nd or 3rd options since you own Bias FX Professional.

    I was a bit confused about it at first myself.

    Hopefully they will offer something extra for us guys & gals that have bought into Bias completely.

  • Most recently bought a full pack of bias. If have to pay 100$-200$ for fx2 will be really bad for me. Pls make a discount guys I have bias studio 2 month aprox

  • If you are a cheapskate wait for Black Friday. PG ALWAYS runs deals but they are not going to do it on initial release. Another benefit of preorder is that the preorder gives a pre-release in advance. I just installed this AM but have not had a chance to even fire it up. Stoked!

    If your order was within the original window they set, it is free, IIRC.

  • Elite SHOULD BE CHEAPER if you own FX 1 Pro and all 3 Bias Pedal modules. FACT! You gain very little compare to someone that doesn't own them for $100 more.

    That doesn't even take into account all the new ways this stuff will crash and eat PCs for lunch :>)