Bias FX (ios) and FCB1010 - pedal state led update

  • Hello all,

    I have successfully connected my fcb to bias fx for ipad.
    While i m able to change presets, toggle effects, wah etc etc i dont know how if its possible to update the pedal state effect after changing a preset.
    Obviously the stock eprom is not capable of doing so.
    I was hoping that the eureka 3.2 could do that but unfortunately it doesn't.
    Between those 2 i prefer the stock.
    Does anyone happen to know?

  • @giorgos-synetos For example: When I toggle to turn on some effect by number 1 the number lits, when I toggle number 2 the number two lits only. I would like to if 1 and 2 lit together... Do you mean this? I will be better, if its posiible...