Anyone recording with iOS?

  • Are you recording inside a DAW like Garage band or auria pro? Do you record dry and reamp or do you make your tone decisions and just record without reamping?

    I’m curious to learn what others are doing. My pc crapped out so I’m limited to iPhone. Thankfully I have Bias at least. I just got audio evolution pro but unsure how to record dry and wet unless I’m in something like aum

  • Hello,

    I use the iPad to record quite often. You can use just about any interface that works into BiasFX. I use an iRig HD2 for input. For a DAW, I use Cubasis and add an In-app Audio interface to BiasFX for iPad. The recording is dry, but the in app audio passes the signal to BiasFX for the FX effects, then back to the DAW. Once you get your BiasFX settings correct, and a good recording in Cubasis, you can create a 'wet' frozen track that can be exported to just about any format you can imagine. Cubasis is very reasonably priced and makes recording much easier than using a mac or pc. The other option I use sometimes is Cubase, with BiasFX PC. It is virtually the same setup as the iPad, and analogous software. It is just more complicated and isn't as stable.