BIAS FX Pro desktop+ focusrite+ reaper...problem with the stand alone version

  • Hello,

    I bought the desktop version of Bias FX Pro+ bass pack+ celestion pack.
    Untill now I was using Jamup pro via my Ipad to record with reaper.
    As I consider the IRig HD 2 to be the weak part of the chain I wanted to get rid of it and record guitar directly via my scarlet 2i4.
    I use the Focusrite last ASIO drivers, I tried Asio4all but it doesn't work.
    I wanted to give a try with Bias FX as a stand alone. It works VERY well if you don't try to record with reaper. I ear the Bias processed guitar signal when I'm recording but the playback is a non processed sound (guitar direct).
    The VST solution work very well anyway.

    CPU intel i7 4790K on Asus Z97A.
    16 GB ram
    Focusrite 2i4
    Windows 10 64b updated.

  • A2

    If you are going to record it, I would way way way reccomend using the VST

    For me, I will always record the dry sound, while monitoring through the amp sim. It is WAY WAY WAY easier to edit clean DI than distorted guitar

    What I would do:
    1: Tunr off the monitor function on the focusrite interface...Not sure if that model uses a switch or knob, but whichever, make sure it is ONLY the computer sound and none of the dry that comes out. I think on the 2i4, there is a knob that goes from "direct" to "Playback" set it all the way to playback

    1. Put Bias FX VST on a track and arm that track

    2. On the armed track, make sure the monitor icon is set to "on"

    4: After recording and editing, if you are starting to run out of CPU power, set a custom key to "freeze" the track (see )

  • Thank you very much, that makes sense of course.
    I was trying to record with Bias FX as I used to do with jamup+Ipad and it was clearly the wrong way.
    Bias FX is an absolutely terrific and wondeful piece of software anyway.