Hiss and noise gate issues - HELP

  • In bias amp and bias fx in many presets, there is awful hiss in the background when I play a note, total silence when I mute. It’s unusable for recording, little fun for jamming. It sounds like the springs of a snare drum.

    Improves some when the input gain is lowered.

    Noise gate - whenever it’s on, any attempt to play a run or arpeggios, the sound keeps cutting out so I only hear about half the notes.

    I bought 60’s, acoustic and analog packs £60, many of those pre-sets totaly useless straight out of the box!

    Problem is there with headphones and amps.

    I have a standard strat, V mod pick ups. And using iRig pro.

    Anyone else suffering similar? Any advice?

    Many thanks in advance - Hamilton

  • Hello, i have the same issue after the latest update, but mainly on Bias FX.

  • @elias-sofronas

    I have opened 2 tickets on the issue, but have yet to receive a reply.

    It’s really bad, I’m amazed that there isn’t more discussion about it online. As it stands, the app is useless and I’m heading back to AmpliTube. That’s a shame, because Bias FX would be the obvious choice if not for the incessant noise.

    Daft question - it’s digitally modelled, so why the need to program in all the limitations of analog gear has?

  • Gain staging your signal is an important skill. Any system is going to have some noise. Plugins for whatever reason, maybe it is the noisy EMI environment of computing or the input stages on consumer interfaces, are particularly prone to noise.

    So I think a lot of it may be that... It is worth looking at all your gain stages one by one and looking at your DI/Interface situation. A lot of stuff people complain about with plugins are really setup issues of some flavor.

    I was just playing the latest/greatest version of BFX this AM and there was nothing odd going on that I could sense.

    The only consistent messed up thing I have noticed with Bias is that when a mod an amp in the BA2 amp designer, particularly Marshall style plexi amps (which I tend to Hot Rod) in the preamp if I take it to 5 stages it introduces what seems to be intrinsic noise, i.e. unnatural note decay, crossover distortion, bit crushing, kind of noise.

    I am certain this is a deficiency of the BA2 modeling. The 'distortion' knob also can get twitchy. That said, I mod the plexi's to have 4 stages and distortion up to the problem area and then back down from it.

    FWIW, I do not consider Bias or Bias FX substantially worse than any other plugin I have in regard to noise. Amplitube may be the worst of the plugins I use, FWIW. Revalver can s*ck pretty bad too.

  • I noticed the acoustic sim amp in the latest update is hissy as H*LL. I just switched amps, but I agree that something is amissss.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I’ve been playing 25 years, mostly acoustic, but I’ve owned plenty of amps and built some fine electrics. Whilst I’m no sound engineer, I’ve got a good grasp of working with gain stages, and I’ve explored the daylights out of them trying to find useable results with bias fx.

  • A2

    Anyone using this with a interface that uses the iDevice's headphone jack? That will be hiss city for sure

  • Agreed. Hi-gain is noisy and when using a noise gate to combat it there's loads of clipping with the notes. This even happens on the presets that BIAS FX2 offers.... which is bonkers, I mean why create specific presets that suffer from these issues?! Just mind-boggling.