New stereo input into Bias FX on ios

  • Hi All

    With the new update allowing for stereo input I have a question. Is it possible to have dual signal paths throughout the whole rig. i.e. in dual signal path mode can I route L to one path and R to another path from the stereo input and then hard pan them on the stereo output?

    I want to use one line as my guitar input and the other line as my monitor, but I want to put a limiter on the monitor send as a line of hearing protection for the headphone out of my interface. I have a Rolls PM55 which has a built in optical limiter but it would be easier to just take my ipad and interface. Let me know if this is a dumb idea?


  • A2

    I'm dying to see some multiband dynamics in the output for just this purpose. Not sure about the input on iOS but its stereo on the vst

  • @pipelineaudio I also have the desktop version and use it standalone not as a vst and can’t seem to get it right. When you say stereo input, is there a way to send the left input to one side of the dual amp path and the right input to the other? I can get stereo output fine but it seems to duplicate the stereo input on both sides. Or do you have to do this in DAW?

  • @peterkleinza You have to do it in the DAW, AFAIK. BFX is mono in stereo out regardless of the OS, I think.