3rd Party Impulse Responses In Bias FX Pro ?

  • Just purchased Bias FX Pro and so far am very impressed. Thank you for your excellent software.

    However one major draw back - at least for me - is the inability to add our own Speaker Impulse Responses. I see that Bias Amp has this feature and can't quite understand why Bias Fx doesn't ? Is there a reason for this ? Anyway, please consider adding this feature in future releases. And thank you again for your excellent product.

  • Howdy....ran into this last night. Wished to use an IR directly in Bias FX (rather than turning the cab off and routing the sound out to cab plug-in). Would be nice feature.

  • A2

    I'd really love to see a floating impulse block in the chain, not just for the amp's speaker sim either. There are so many uses for this like acoustic guitar simulation and reverbs