Odd Midi Controller (FCB1010) behavior with BFX

  • I am controlling BFX stand alone with a Behringer FCB101 controller. This controller can send 5 PC commands and 2 CC per "preset". I have a preset (on the controller) programmed to send PC1 AND CC7 - to switch the BFX patch and to toggle the WAH. Whenever I use this BFX throws up an audible digital stutter. i.e. the BFX preset switch is not smooth. If I remove the CC from the FCB1010 preset, the stutter goes away and the patch is switched to in a seamless fashion.

    Has anyone seen this?

    Any workarounds? I really dig this controller, it is so flexible and powerful, it would be a shame if BFX limited its usefulness.

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    Is this for desktop, vst or ios?

  • Desktop standalone.

    Win 10 64bit, ASIO drivers.

  • Hi.
    I have FCB1010 and I cant find out, how to program controller to turn on/off wah automaticaly when I touch and move pedal (for example when pedal is on 0 or 127 position) Now I have to turn on or off manually in PC and I can't turn wah on or off by the pedal. When I go to the Assign Midi control Change in Bias I can set:
    Toggle CC number
    Wah CC number
    When I assign number to expression pedal to the toggle the same as wah, its not working because it seems to turns on-off still when i move the pedal and the signal goes bad. When I tried to set number 0 or 127 it is not turning on or off at all.
    Do you know how could i fix it? Thanks for help.

  • @honza-šedivý
    Hey how's it going? Hope this will help.
    I've been trying to get this to work on the Desktop AND my iPAD and finally figured it out. Felix at Positive Grid got me on the right path as well as others here in the forum. None of these are my ideas so I give all credit to those who have contributed to this knowledge base!! Thank y'all very much.

    One thing you have to remember for this to work is you will have to assign two separate-different CC#'s. One activated by one of the pedals and the other to the controller's expression pedal for the sweep of the Wah. It's kinda confusing at first so maybe this might help to clear the mud. This is from a recent tech support response from Felix.

    Hey Felix,Well I finally figured it out!! Here's a tip for your tool bag. If your not using the BT4 then the setup is different, as with the FCB1010, as there is no interface where to set the Wah sweep or CC# other than for toggling it On or Off in any of the menus inside BIAS FX. Here's how to get it working for other MIDI controllers including the FCB1010. As you suggested, selected a pedal on the board to assign the Wah CC# to and use it to toggle On and Off the Wah i.e. Modulation Effect. That CC# will be different to the CC# assigned to the Wah control pedal itself. If your using a midi controller other than a BT4 then you will need to:
    1.Left click-Select (touch for iOS) the Wah pedal in the chain and make it active in the view. This works for any of the pedals that are controlled like the Wah, Pitch Shifter or Vol.
    2.Next Right click on the Wah in the effects chain (for iOS long hold the pedal controller for about 5 seconds i.e. the one you can control with your finger) and an "Assign CC# midi learn" prompt pops up.Then you can use the "MIDI Learn" and sweep the MIDI controllers Exp pedal. BIAS will recognize the pedal then and everything works fine. There is more detail for Desktop version below.
    Really cool to see it working as it should. One dude actually placed a switch under the Exp Pedal and soldered it to one of the pedal buttons so he could just stomp on the Exp pedal to shut it on and off. Real cool idea!

    Thanks to Felix again for supplying the below information and pics.

    On the desktop version question, please follow the steps below and give it a try.

    1. Navigate to top right setting menu, check your audio midi device on Active MIDI Inputs.​​0_1549228160815_0baffada-22ab-412a-9475-716b3af013d7-image.png

    2. Right click on the pedal you want to assign MIDI/Automation.0_1549228227692_3920e844-d330-4e7d-99d1-0c225ed20611-image.png

    3. Choose MIDI Learn to get it work.0_1549228289595_f5478ee9-9b64-46e8-9ee4-c5ca7465a0db-image.png


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  • @jw_hd it works in desktop also? I will try

  • @jw_hd Do I have to use another switch (for example number 10 on fcb 1010) to toggle wah on/off? I have it like this. I tried Overloud TH-3 and there's possibility to automatically turn wah on/off when pedal is at min position and its nice...

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    You do right now, and yeah, auto engage is awesome, but drilling the switch under the 1010 isn't too tricky