• I apologize in advance if this is the oldest question....

    I want to use BIAS FX in live situation. What are some of the simplest solutions.
    I have a laptop, an Apollo Twin MKII, and Bias FX Pro, I could get a new IPad if needed.

    And will their heads ever be BIAS FX friendly?

    Thank you

  • Yeah I am still waiting on this as well... LOL

    Not holding my breathe anymore...

    Unfortunate, there are going to be a lot more people wanting to go this route, since some of the Metal stuff i create always needs a peddle in front of it.

    There are new people buying the heads and racks and still asking the same question, assuming that what you create in your DAW you can take on the road with you, but there are different versions of the software, and only 1 version that is applicable to the heads and racks.

    I know many have said, well the head and racks units are not advertised that way, but if you use the software and really like it, you are naturally excited to dump your presets into a head or rack version, but only to find out, that only BIAS AMP 1 or 2 works with the heads, and no effects or peddles.

    Bummer indeed... Anyway, here is to still hoping and waiting...

  • I just sold my Helix. I think I'll sit on my $1400.00

    Why is there no larger discussion about this? It's a missed opportunity for PG.


  • A2

    My entire website lately seems to be a discussion of this. There's still some software issues that need to be looked at, but there really is some great stuff going on in this. For me I call it "Bringing the Studio to the Stage" to really say what I'm after