X Drummer 1.5.3 - Crackles and non-loading drum kits

  • On my iPad4 the X Drummer app does not load all drum kits (sometimes just one drum kit).
    When I first playback the demo of a kit or a song X Drummer is crackling until the sound-library seems to be cached. After another playback the crackling is gone most of the times.

    PG, please let the user decide which single kit he likes to load on start and let us manually load the other kits only when needed. The iPad4 should IMO be strong enough for this app.

    EDIT: Unfortunately the upload of images does not work at the moment

  • Hi Sascha. Yes, iPad 4 is more than capable of running X Drummer. I suspect that the loading issue with drum kits has to do with the amount of free space there is left on your iPad. As for the crackling issue, please disable Low Latency Mode in the settings menu to see if it goes away. By the way we've responded to your ticket request. Please see our response for more info, thanks!

  • Hi Ben. There are 27 GB of avaiable space. I deactivate Low Latency now and do some testings.
    You will get my response either via Mail or here.

  • Crackles are reduced but not gone in LL-Mode even when playing simple beats manually on the kit

  • @sascha-ballweg Got it. If disabling Low Latency Mode option reduces the crackling issue then I would next suggest that you kill all other apps that are running in the background to save resource. Also, try restarting your iPad as well.

    By the way, please send your findings in the email chain that we started. Let's avoid losing vital info to our investigation by keeping everything in one place. Thanks.