More Bias FX/Ableton Problems

  • So yesterday in the soundcheck before a gig my band was recording/filming BIAS FX was crashing Ableton Live 10 everytime I clicked the plugin UI spanner icon. Hmmm, I did update it a few days ago to the latest version... It also crashed if I clicked the MIDI clips I have set up to send MIDI PCs. I had to make a new live set on the spot. Other plugins were fine - only BIAS FX was playing up. This was extremely frustrating and I'm quite certain it was not an error on my part.

    So today I was testing Bias FX out again and it seems to be OK now - for how long who knows? At least it works...the bare minimum we expect when we pay hundreds of dollars for software.

    I decided to see if I could get the plugin Macros configuration in Ableton going - seems a very useful function. BIAS FX displays 19 sliders automatically but none of them do anything. They also don't appear to be mapped to anything in the BIAS FX patches nor can I manually map them. Anybody know what the problem is here?

    This function works fine in the other amp/FX sims I work with: BC Axiom, S-Gear 2 both confirmed working.

    Why, Positive Grid? Why?

  • Replying to myself in the hope that it may help others.

    I still haven't figured out why Bias FX was crashing but it seems to be ok now. I suspect it was something to do with instrument/fx rack parameters in Live. PG kindly requested my .als file but I had already deleted my master file as it was crashing.

    Re: Macros...The answer lies here.
    [](link url)

    The Bias FX plugin only provides pre-mapped CC 0-19 sliders in the config menu -- you must set up the CC assignments in your patch. You cannot really customize macros for Bias FX in the same way you can for most other VST/AUs