Modulation app not showing in Logic.

  • I'm a new Mac user and installed the free modulation application (thanks!) but it does not show in Logic. I installed it on an external hard drive,0_1544555605946_Näyttökuva 2018-12-11 kello 21.01.41.png see the path in the attached picture. What am I doing wrong?

  • @famous1000 Try rebooting the mac - that Bias Pedal.component and the .vst same name are the pedal plugins that have the modulation pedals if this is the modulation stuff you got free - it is in the correct place (home)>Library>Audio>Pug-Ins> VST / components (AU plugs) so looks good

    see if the reboot helps seems lately on Mojave a reboot is needed at times for plugins to show up in the host app

  • I'm using macOS Hgh Sierra 10.13.6 and I did shut down the computer after the install and tried this the next day with no luck. Does reboot differ from shutting down in mac-world?

  • @famous1000 shutting down and restarting is rebooting - okay here is two screenshots to show you the next thing to check - I suspect it is working but you may be looking in the wrong place (I hope):

    First lets open the plug-in manager window and check that any Positive Grid plug-ins are successfully installed - view this picture to see how:
    0_1544654334820_pi manager.png
    Now if that checks out open Logic with a new project and look at this next picture where you can see the correct path to all successfully installed Positive Grid plug-ins:
    0_1544654421202_path to AU plugins.png
    It will not be found in the "Modulation" plugins as those are the Logic plug-ins it will be with 3rd party Audio Units list at the bottom. let us know how it goes and take screenshots if you still have troubles.

  • No Positive Grid instances in Plug-in Manager and no instances in Audio Units when creating an audio track. And I have managed to install couple of other apps like Modart Pianoteq and Amplitube but they are installed on main HD so I have apps in two places, does this cause problems? Maybe I should (first update to Mojave...) uninstall and try a new install?

  • @famous1000 definitely install on the main drive and let it use the default location

    try that first before updating - I'm not a fan of "updating" my OS I always go with image backups and a fresh install, but with the new partition system introduced just before Mojave disk imaging no longer works and time machine is the only way (not a fan of TM either) oh well not a big crapple fan but their OS hands down is the way to go with Audio apps. I did a hardware comparison on a Toshiba laptop long ago had Win 7 ult on it first with my RME card then made it into a Hackintosh with the same RME card and the differences were astonishing how much better the machine performed audio tasks with the same hardware but a different OS - it actually sounded better which I found hard to conceive in a digital realm. After that I never went back to windows as mac's are much cheaper than ever after the intel merger, especially since I only buy used 2012 models.

    Try it on the main drive and I think Logic will see it - if not take the next step : ] cheers

  • Thank you for your answers, I'll try the main HD installation.

  • @famous1000 hey good luck

  • One question popped into my mind, installation does a folder for a .vst file. Any idea if that can be removed because I only use Logic?

  • @famous1000 you can remove it if you like, there is some decent apps that use vst as well (Reaper for one and Harrison MixBuss etc) may come in handy, also au chain apps that load vst - but not a prob to delete - cheers