Weird MIDI/Audio Issue

  • I'm on the latest version of Bias FX Desktop and use it as a VST Plugin in Ableton Live 10 (latest version). Running on MacOS/Last version of High Sierra pre-Mojave. The only MIDI control I had assigned was Volume - I have CC10 assigned to the Vol FX block. I can see the signal getting into and moving the pedal in the GUI but it has ceased to actually control volume - It's always 100% sonically. Any ideas?

  • A2

    Is the volume pedal on? Have to ask because like the wah, its hard to tell and I think it will move either way

  • Ha...Yes, it's on :)

  • I solved this with the help of an Ableton savvy bandmate. I had the VST setup as part of a chain in a custom Effect Rack in Ableton Live 10. Somehow it was letting through a dry audio signal simultaneously in parallel to the processed Bias FX signal...user error. Doh!